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    Biden Reaffirms NATO Backing for Poland Amidst Potential Provocations

    In a recent virtual summit with leaders from the G7 countries, Poland, Romania, and representatives from NATO and the EU, US President Joe Biden assured Polish President Andrzej Duda of unwavering support from NATO in the face of potential provocations. The affirmation came in response to Poland’s composed reaction to the violation of its airspace by Belarusian helicopters.

    Following the videoconference, President Duda shared details during a press conference in Kielce, highlighting President Biden’s acknowledgment of Poland’s responsible handling of the situation. Duda stated, “He explicitly mentioned the crossing of the border by Belarusian helicopters and that we had acted very responsibly, also as a member state of the North Atlantic Alliance.” Emphasizing Biden’s assurance, Duda continued, “He mentioned that we can certainly be confident that, in the event of any provocation, we will receive ‘100 percent support’ from NATO, both from its headquarters and member states, and he stressed this very strongly.”

    When questioned about the current state of Polish-American relations, Duda expressed his optimism, stating that the relationship between the two nations was now “at the best point in history.” This affirmation of support from the United States and NATO underscores the strength of the alliance and solidarity among member states in the face of potential challenges.


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