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    Body of Suspected Child Killer Found in Tri-City Landscape Park

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    In a grim development, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk has confirmed the discovery of the body of Grzegorz Borys, who had been missing since October 20th. Borys was a prime suspect in the murder of his six-year-old son in Gdynia. The body was recovered from the Lepusz water reservoir in the Tri-City Landscape Park after days of intense search efforts.

    Discovery and Investigation

    On Monday, sappers from the 43rd Battalion in Rozewie retrieved Borys’s body from the water after slicing through floating islands. The District Prosecutor’s Office spokeswoman, Grażyna Wawryniuk, confirmed the identity of the deceased. The authorities have secured the body for further examination, with investigators tasked to determine the cause of death and the time of demise.

    Wawryniuk stated, “The most crucial information for now is that this is Grzegorz Borys. We can confirm this.” Grzegorz Borys had been sought in connection with the tragic murder of his son, which occurred on October 20th in a building on Górnicza Street in Gdynia-Fikakowo.

    A Tragic Chapter Ends

    The discovery of Grzegorz Borys’s body brings a somber conclusion to a harrowing chapter in this ongoing investigation. Authorities will continue their efforts to unravel the circumstances surrounding this tragic case.

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