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    Breaking Stereotypes: Policewoman from Pabianice as Miss Polonia Finalist

    Meet Roksana Rózga, a policewoman from Pabianice and Miss Polonia finalist, challenging stereotypes with every step.

    In a groundbreaking move, officer Roksana Rózga from the Pabianice Police Department emerges as a Miss Polonia finalist.

    Gone are the days of policing being a male-dominated domain. Women like Officer Rózga break barriers, excelling both in law enforcement and beauty pageants.

    Women officers, equally capable as their male counterparts, bring unique strengths to the force. Their empathetic response in crisis situations, coupled with professional prowess, highlights their indispensable role.

    Officer Rózga epitomizes this balance, patrolling streets by day and shooting hoops on the court by night. Her journey reflects dedication and versatility.

    Beyond uniforms, policewomen showcase beauty in diverse roles, from securing public events to aiding victims of violence. Officer Rózga’s journey from patrol to pageantry embodies this multifaceted identity.

    As Officer Rózga vies for the Miss Polonia crown, her journey inspires, transcending stereotypes with every stride.

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