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    Celebrating a Century of ‘Gość Niedzielny’: A Pillar of Polish Catholic Press

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    One hundred years ago, on September 9, 1923, the first issue of the weekly magazine “Gość Niedzielny” was published. Founded by Father August Hlond, it has been a steadfast cornerstone of Catholic journalism, maintaining its leading position in the Polish print media landscape to this day. From its inception, the magazine’s mission has been to deliver current events in an accessible manner, touching on both regional and national matters.

    With a team of dozens of dedicated journalists spread across the country, “Gość Niedzielny” has consistently offered insightful and thought-provoking content. Its enduring popularity stems from its unwavering commitment to high-quality reporting and analysis, often delving into topics of faith, culture, and society.

    In the Heart of Katowice

    Published by the Metropolitan Curia Publishing House in Katowice, this venerable publication continues to play a vital role in Poland’s media landscape. To mark this momentous occasion, a thanksgiving Mass was celebrated on Saturday at the Archcathedral of Christ the King in Katowice, presided over by Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz.

    As “Gość Niedzielny” celebrates its centenary, it remains a testament to the enduring power of faith-based journalism in informing, inspiring, and engaging readers across generations.

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