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    Celebrating Korean Culture: Talchum Performances and Workshops in Poland

    In 2024, the Republic of Korea and Poland celebrate 35 years of diplomatic relations. To mark this milestone, the Korean Cultural Center in Poland is collaborating with various Polish institutions to organize a two-month festival called Korean UNESCO Heritage Months. This cultural festival will showcase elements of Korean heritage, including traditional music, dance, literature, and more.

    Talchum: A Unique Performance Art

    One of the festival’s highlights is Talchum performances. Talchum is a captivating form of performing art that blends dance, music, and theater. Masked dancers, accompanied by a band of six to ten musicians, humorously address social issues through a dynamic mix of songs, dance, movement, and dialogue. The “The Greatest Masque” theater group will visit Poland to demonstrate both traditional and contemporary Talchum.

    Workshops and Performances

    The Talchum performances are scheduled for June 25 at MOXO in Warsaw, June 28 at Dom Kultury Śródmieście in Warsaw, and June 29-30 in Warsaw’s Old Town. Additionally, “The Greatest Masque” will conduct workshops on June 25 at the Museum of Asia and the Pacific, and on June 27-28 at Dom Kultury Śródmieście in Warsaw.

    Building Cultural Bridges

    “Talchum is not just an art presentation but an invitation to dialogue and cultural exchange,” said Dangkweon Lee, Director of the Korean Cultural Center in Poland. “We believe these events will not only showcase the beauty of Korean culture but also build a foundation for future cooperation and friendship between our nations.”

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