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    Celebrating Librarians and Libraries: A Reflection on Cultural Heritage

    Since its inception in 1985, National Librarian and Library Day has stood as a symbol of the tireless efforts of librarians and the pivotal role libraries play in shaping our cultural heritage. Organized by the Polish Librarians’ Association, this annual event not only honours the professional achievements of librarians but also serves as a poignant reflection on the evolving identity and significance of libraries in our society.

    Marked on May 8th each year, National Librarian and Library Day serves as the inaugural celebration of Library Week. This week-long observance serves as a platform for libraries of all kinds to engage with their communities through a diverse array of events and activities. From enlightening meetings and thought-provoking conferences to enriching workshops, Library Week offers something for every member of the community.

    In the spirit of inclusivity, libraries open their doors wider during this week, welcoming patrons to participate in events both in-person and virtually. Through the utilization of digital resources accessible via library websites, web portals, and various social media platforms, readers are able to engage with library offerings from the comfort of their own homes.

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