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    Celebrating Mozart: 33rd Mozart Festival in Warsaw and Vienna

    The 33rd Mozart Festival in Warsaw promises to be a celebration of one of the greatest composers of all time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Organized by the Warsaw Chamber Opera, the festival has become a significant event in the world of classical music, attracting enthusiasts from around the globe.

    Warsaw: A Prelude to Musical Excellence

    Since its inception in 1991, the festival has been a testament to Mozart’s enduring legacy. This year’s edition kicks off on May 13th with a series of concerts, performances, and special events across Warsaw.

    Vienna: A Harmonious Extension

    Adding to the grandeur, the festival extends its reach to Vienna, Mozart’s birthplace. Three evenings of enchanting performances await audiences in the historic city, showcasing Mozart’s masterpieces in iconic venues.

    The Artistic Essence

    Adam Banaszak, the musical director, emphasizes the profound artistic responsibility in interpreting Mozart’s music. Each note carries a weight of artistic expression, making Mozart’s compositions a timeless challenge for musicians.

    Innovative Engagements: Snack Opera and Mozart Junior Festival

    Jerzy Snakowski introduces Snack Opera, a novel approach to opera appreciation, inviting audiences to engage with opera in a casual yet insightful manner. Meanwhile, the Mozart Junior Festival caters to young enthusiasts, offering workshops, performances, and the premiere of a family opera.

    As the festival bridges continents and generations, it remains a testament to Mozart’s enduring influence on classical music. From Warsaw to Vienna, audiences are in for a transcendent journey through the genius of Mozart’s compositions.

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