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    Celebrating the World of Words: UNESCO’s World Book Day Advocates Reading, Publishing, and Copyright

    Every April 23rd, book enthusiasts worldwide unite to honour World Book Day, spearheaded by UNESCO. This initiative highlights the profound impact of books in shaping minds, fostering empathy, and safeguarding cultural heritage.

    Established in 1995, World Book Day coincides with the deaths of literary giants like Shakespeare, Cervantes, and Garcilaso de la Vega, emphasizing storytelling’s universal appeal.

    At its core, World Book Day celebrates literature’s power to connect people across boundaries. Through various activities like book fairs and author readings, the event encourages literacy and a passion for reading across all ages.

    Moreover, it underscores the significance of publishing and copyright protection. Publishers play a vital role in disseminating diverse voices globally, while copyright safeguards creators’ rights in an evolving digital landscape.

    Despite digital advancements, World Book Day underscores the enduring value of physical books and the preservation of literary traditions. While e-books offer convenience, many still cherish the tactile experience of reading a book.

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