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    Challenging Presidential Authority: Minister Dismisses Referendum Proposal

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    In a recent development, the suggestion of recalling the president through a referendum is deemed devoid of legal basis by Minister Małgorzata Paprocka, a key figure in the presidential administration. Attorney Marek Chmaj, affiliated with the Civic Coalition, asserted the existence of a procedure for the president’s removal before the end of their term.

    Chmaj suggested the possibility of holding new elections if the nation agrees through a referendum, a notion contested by Minister Paprocka. She labeled Chmaj’s proposal as “original and unrelated to legal provisions,” expressing concern over the misinformation it could spread.

    Minister Paprocka emphasized that the constitution clearly outlines the president’s election process, term duration, and the specific circumstances under which the presidential office can be vacated. She stressed that the constitutional order does not encompass recalling the president through a referendum.

    Highlighting President Andrzej Duda’s robust social mandate, with over 10.5 million citizens endorsing his second-term candidacy, Minister Paprocka deemed the referendum idea perplexing and politically motivated. Despite differing opinions, clear consensus within the political arena dismisses the proposal as absurd.

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