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    Chasing Everest: A Himalayan Triathlon Adventure

    Mateusz Waligóra embarks on a remarkable Himalayan adventure, aiming not just to conquer Mount Everest but to do so in a way that leaves no trace, relying solely on his own muscle power. His Asekol Everest Expedition kicks off with a grueling triathlon, starting with a bike ride from sea level, traversing over 1200 kilometers through northeastern India into Nepal.

    Ascending to New Heights

    Following the cycling leg, Waligóra and his team trek from Tengboche at 3850 meters to the Everest base camp at 5250 meters. Joined by fellow adventurers Iza Pakuła, Mirek Baściuk, Bartek Dobroch, and Marcin Kin, they navigate the classic route leading to the world’s highest peaks. This season sees a surge of Indian climbers, while the Nepalese side is dominated by Chinese mountaineers.

    Reaching Lobuche East, standing at 6119 meters, presents formidable challenges this season. With minimal snow and sections requiring rock climbing or navigating melted glacier steps, even this acclimatization target proves arduous for Waligóra. Despite the adversity, the team presses on, driven by their indomitable spirit and the allure of Everest looming ahead.

    The Path Ahead

    As Waligóra and his companions forge ahead, they embody the spirit of adventure and environmental responsibility. Their quest to summit Everest without leaving a trace sets a new standard for sustainable exploration in the world’s highest reaches. With each step, they move closer to etching their names in the annals of mountaineering history.

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