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    China Approves Resumption of Group Travel to Poland

    In a significant move towards revitalizing international travel, China has granted approval for its travel agencies to once again organize group trips to Poland, marking a pivotal step following a three-year hiatus due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

    The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China made a noteworthy announcement on Thursday, confirming that starting from August 10, Chinese travel agencies have been given the green light to arrange group travel packages to Poland. This development comes as a relief to both nations’ tourism industries and signals a gradual return to normalcy in a post-pandemic world.

    Andrzej Gut-Mostowy, Deputy Minister of Sport, expressed his optimism regarding this milestone in the restoration of inbound tourism. He emphasized the positive outcomes of international cooperation and the collaborative efforts of both countries to reach this point. 

    China’s decision to allow group travel to Poland follows a series of strategic steps in redefining its travel policies. In December of the previous year, Chinese authorities took the significant decision to lift their three-year “zero Covid” policy, accompanied by stringent restrictions designed to safeguard their citizens from surges of infections. Subsequently, in January, China announced the conclusion of its lockdown and initiated the “pilot” phase of permitting group travel to 20 select countries, including but not limited to Thailand, Russia, Cuba, and Argentina. This phased approach aimed to test the waters of international travel under controlled conditions.

    Expanding upon this approach, China’s second batch of approvals came in March, encompassing travel to 40 countries, a list that included Nepal, France, Portugal, and Brazil. These carefully calculated steps are indicative of China’s commitment to striking a balance between revitalizing international travel and ensuring public health safety.

    As Poland joins the list of approved destinations, travellers and the tourism industry at large are expected to benefit from the resumption of group travel. This move not only holds economic implications but also signifies a symbolic stride towards global recovery from the pandemic’s far-reaching effects.


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