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    Chwałowice Mine Celebrates 120th Anniversary

    The unveiling of a commemorative obelisk and plaque honouring the founders of Chwałowice Mine and the opening of the Chamber of Mining Tradition of Chwałowice Mine were the highlights of the celebrations marking the 120th anniversary of this establishment. The ceremony took place on June 17, 2023, at the Rybnik Mining Area (ROW) Coal Mine, and was attended by the management and employees of the mine, representatives of the Polish Mining Group Board, senators and members of parliament, local government officials from Rybnik, and members of the local community.

    “The greatness of a mine is not only measured by its production volume and the number of tons of coal sold but above all by the strength of character of the people who create it,”

    emphasized Tomasz Tkocz, the director of ROW Coal Mine.

    Director Tomasz Tkocz and Deputy Mayor of Rybnik, Janusz Koper, unveiled the monument and commemorative plaque on the building, which was blessed by Father Grzegorz Stencel, the parish priest of Chwałowice.

    “The unveiling of the obelisk and commemorative plaque is a tribute to those who initiated the construction of this mine. Today, Chwałowice Mine is one of the most important mines on the map of our mining industry. It is a facility that provides both job security and resource-energy security,”

    said Adam Gawęda, a member of parliament, and former deputy minister with long-standing ties to the mining sector.

    The exhibits gathered in the Chamber of Mining Tradition of Chwałowice Mine include items donated by former and current mine workers. Visitors can admire, among other things, a statue of St. Barbara, archival documents, facility maps, decorations, uniforms, and various mining equipment. The guests of the ceremony had the opportunity to sign the commemorative guestbook.

    As part of the anniversary celebrations, a solemn Holy Mass took place at the St. Teresa of the Infant Jesus Church in Rybnik-Chwałowice. The Chwałowice Mine Brass Orchestra accompanied the festivities.

    To commemorate the 120th anniversary of Chwałowice Mine, the employees of the facility will receive gift vouchers and commemorative albums.

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