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    Coachman arrested after crash into ditch; a driver found intoxicated

    Almost two per mille of alcohol was in the system of a coachman who fell off his cart in Kosin and into a ditch. The Opel driver also ended his journey in a roadside ditch. The 63-year-old got out of the car and fell asleep beside it. A blood test indicated 7 per mille in his body.

    The first incident occurred yesterday, after 1 pm in Kosin. The report indicated that the coachman had fallen off the vehicle and was lying in a roadside ditch. At the scene, police officers found an ambulance team providing assistance to the man. Officers established that the 58-year-old resident of the Markowa municipality was drunk. A sobriety test showed nearly 2 per mille of alcohol in his system. As the police officers established, the man fell off the horse-drawn cart and the animal returned to the farm on its own.

    Two hours later, police officers received another report of a drunk driver who had driven into a roadside ditch in Rakszawa. The Opel driver then allegedly got out of the car and fell asleep beside it. At the scene, police officers found a sleeping man next to the car. He turned out to be a 63-year-old resident of the Rakszawa municipality. Due to his state of alcohol intoxication, the man was taken to the hospital. There, a blood test showed he had 7 per mille of alcohol.

    During the operations, it turned out that the 63-year-old did not have a driving licence and was banned by the court from driving. In addition, the Opel he was driving did not have an up-to-date technical inspection. 

    Police officers initiated an investigation into the offence against the inebriated coachman. The drunk Opel driver, on the other hand, will answer for driving while intoxicated and for breaking a court ban.

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