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    Comprehensive Measures to Protect Minors from Sexual Crimes in Poland

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    In a significant move towards safeguarding the rights and well-being of minors, Poland has taken a proactive stance to combat sexual crimes against children. The Ministry of Justice recently concluded its Interdisciplinary Team for Combating Crimes against the Sexual Freedom and Morality of Minors, marking a successful two-year effort aimed at enhancing the protection of children.

    Under the leadership of Deputy Minister Marcin Romanowski, the team, comprised of experts from various government departments, developed the National Plan to Combat Sexual Crimes against Minors. This plan, initiated after the tragic death of 8-year-old Kamilka from Częstochowa, aligns with the Kamilek’s Act passed by the government earlier this year.

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    The National Plan encompasses a wide range of initiatives:

    1. Coordinated analysis of sexual crime threats.
    2. Educational programs for different societal groups, including youth, parents, and educators.
    3. Training on recognizing signs of child abuse and providing support.
    4. Strengthening the competence and specialization of law enforcement officers, judges, and prosecutors.
    5. Creation of a database to facilitate the detection of prohibited content, especially on the internet.
    6. Comprehensive support for victims and their families.
    7. Enhanced therapeutic and preventive measures.
    8. Actions to uncover sexual crimes against children.
    9. Ensuring privacy and dignity for the victims in media coverage.

    While the Interdisciplinary Team’s tenure has come to an end, the mission to protect minors remains a top priority. The legally established Child Protection Team will carry on the important work initiated by its predecessor.

    Deputy Minister Marcin Romanowski reiterated the significance of child protection as a non-partisan concern. The new measures aim to create a safer environment for children and reinforce the nation’s commitment to their well-being.

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