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    Conservation Pact: Safeguarding Native Crayfish and Chub in Radom’s Forests

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    In a joint effort to actively protect native crayfish and chub species in the waters within the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Radom, an agreement was signed at the RDLP headquarters in Radom. Signatories include the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Radom, Warsaw University of Life Sciences – Institute of Animal Sciences, Mazovian Landscape Parks Group, and the Mazovian-Swietokrzyskie Ornithological Society.

    Agreement Objectives

    The agreement outlines initiatives such as water inventory to assess noble crayfish populations, identification of water bodies suitable for reintroducing native crayfish and chub, and utilizing forest nursery ponds for conservative noble crayfish breeding. Additionally, it focuses on hatchery activities for the reintroduction of selected sites within Kozienice Landscape Park.

    Localized Conservation Actions

    The collaborative efforts will be carried out at the level of individual forest districts within RDLP in Radom, including those within the Kozienice Landscape Park boundaries: Kozienice, Radom, and Zwolen.

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