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    Constitutional Court Issues Order to Halt Public Media Liquidation

    The liquidation of public media has been put on hold as the Constitutional Court issues a protective order.

    The order mandates the State Treasury to refrain from actions aimed at liquidating public radio and television companies and making changes to their management. The request for this protection was formulated as part of an appeal to the Constitutional Court by a group of MPs represented by Krzysztof Szczucki (PiS), challenging the provisions allowing for the dissolution of capital companies constituting public radio and television entities. The MPs requested that the protection be in effect until the Constitutional Court determines the constitutionality of these provisions.

    Today, the Constitutional Court announced that it has scheduled a hearing on this matter for January 16 next year. The Constitutional Court’s office conveyed that a protective order has been issued.

    Szczucki confirmed the information, stating, “The Constitutional Court, at the request of a group of PiS MPs, issued a protective order today regarding public media. Minister of Culture and National Heritage Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz cannot interfere with the management of public media until our request is considered by the Constitutional Court.”

    The MPs’ request primarily concerns the constitutional assessment of the law on radio and television concerning its referral to the Commercial Companies Code, especially the provisions in this code regarding the liquidation and dissolution of capital companies, as well as the removal and suspension of board members by the general meeting.

    Additionally, the MPs have petitioned the Constitutional Court to issue an order obliging the State Treasury, represented by the authorized minister, to refrain – during the consideration of their request – from “actions aimed at the liquidation or initiation of liquidation and dissolution of capital companies constituting public radio and television entities” and to refrain from any activities aimed at changing the management of these companies.

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