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    Controversial Russian ‘Civil Tanks’ Enter Polish Market: Kirov Tractors

    Despite ongoing tensions, large Russian Kirov tractors are making their way into Poland, raising eyebrows. The renowned Kirov Factory in Saint Petersburg, once a producer of Soviet tanks, now oversees their production, under Russian military scrutiny.

    These tractors, popular among Polish farmers even before Russian aggression in Ukraine, are still advertised online. With power ranging from 250 to 460 horsepower, they’re dubbed “beasts” or “civil tanks” by users, fetching prices from PLN 550,000 to nearly PLN 1 million.

    Despite strained relations, Polish distributors continue selling Russian-made agricultural equipment, honouring contracts pre-2022 without hassle.

    Kirov Factory’s Integral Role in Russian Economy and Tradition

    Originating from the Kirov Factory, a cornerstone of the Russian economy, these tractors are part of a wider production line including heating and drilling equipment. The factory’s ties to the military are evident, with a “military mission” overseeing production, reminiscent of Soviet-era traditions.

    Workers embrace Soviet customs, commemorating events like the Bolshevik Revolution and Victory Day on May 9th, now marked by support for Russian actions in Ukraine.

    The Influx of Kirov Tractors into Poland Amid Diplomatic Tensions and the Ukraine Conflict

    The influx of Kirov tractors sparks concerns about Poland’s reliance on Russian machinery amid diplomatic tensions and the Ukraine conflict. The integration of civilian production with military oversight raises questions about agricultural security.

    Debates rage over the ethical and geopolitical implications of importing Russian-made agricultural machinery, as Kirov tractors continue rolling into Poland, embodying a complex blend of commerce, history, and geopolitics.

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