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    Couple Arrested for Thefts While Accompanied by Their Children

    A couple has been arrested by the Zielona Góra police for embarking on a theft spree while accompanied by their two young children. They now face potential prison sentences of up to five years each.

    The incident occurred in a village near Zielona Góra. The police were alerted by victims who noticed the thieves driving away from their home. A police patrol intercepted the car en route. Upon inspection, the officers were surprised to find not only a man and a woman but also two small children in the vehicle.

    “In the car were a woman and a man, and to the officers’ surprise, two small children,” said police spokesperson Małgorzata Barska.

    The officers instructed the driver to open the trunk, which revealed stolen power tools and other items. Additionally, the driver was found in possession of drugs.

    A Bizarre Theft Spree

    The couple was taken to the police station while the children were placed under the care of their grandmother. During questioning, it was revealed that the suspects were returning to Zielona Góra after dropping a friend off in Sulechów when they spotted a house under construction and decided to see what they could steal. They ended up stealing underfloor heating systems worth 5,800 PLN.

    After picking up their children from daycare, they continued their theft spree. Near Zielona Góra, they targeted another property, breaking in and stealing power tools worth 8,000 PLN. Further investigations revealed that the couple had also stolen garden ornaments worth 1,100 PLN from a property in the Zabór municipality in March.

    The 36-year-old woman and 28-year-old man have been charged with theft. Both have confessed to their crimes and now face up to five years in prison. The man will also be charged with drug possession.

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