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    Critical Condition of Policemen Shot by Suspect in Wrocław

    Two police officers shot on Friday by Maksymilian F. remain in critical condition, with no change in their status. According to Senior Asp. Tomasz Nowak from the press section of the Lower Silesian Police Headquarters in Wrocław, doctors are fighting for their lives, and their fate depends on medical efforts.

    The police officers, injured on Friday evening by Maksymilian F., continue to be under the care of medical professionals. Both officers sustained gunshot wounds to the head. As Senior Asp. Tomasz Nowak stated, both are “still in critical condition.”

    “Doctors are fighting for their lives. Whether they will succeed depends on them,” Senior Asp. Tomasz Nowak remarked.

    As reported by the media, both officers serve at the Wrocław Fabryczna police station. One received a gunshot wound behind the right ear, while the other was injured near the right temple. Both officers are 47 years old, with 26 and 19 years of service, respectively.

    Yesterday evening, Maksymilian F. was charged with attempted murder of the two police officers, classified under Article 13 § 1 of the Criminal Code in connection with Article 148 § 3. These actions carry a penalty of life imprisonment. A request for the temporary arrest of the assailant will likely be filed on Sunday. The potential death of either officer could alter the charges against the perpetrator.

    Maksymilian F. has been in police custody since Saturday morning. Previously, he was wanted by a search warrant and was to serve a six-month prison sentence for fraud. On Friday evening, he was identified by a police patrol and apprehended on Sudencka Street. While the two officers were transporting Maksymilian F., he opened fire on them.

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