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    Crucial Local Elections in Poland: A Test for Democracy

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    Poland’s party, PiS, sees the upcoming local elections on April 7 as a pivotal event. Przemysław Czarnek emphasized its importance, stating, “This is a crucial event not only for us but also for Poland.” Czarnek expressed concerns about maintaining the independence of local bodies in the face of perceived challenges to democracy and the rule of law.

    Uphill Battle for PiS in Urban Areas

    Czarnek acknowledged the difficulty of altering PiS’s urban fortunes post-parliamentary elections, citing the opposition’s significant media advantage and daily manipulation of current events. Despite this, he confirmed his participation in the local elections, highlighting his role in candidate selection for various positions.

    Former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki urged citizens to use the local elections as a warning against perceived government transgressions. He voiced skepticism about the ruling coalition’s fulfillment of promises, hoping the elections would signal disapproval of alleged fraud and injustice.

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