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    CyberMarket Competition Debuts at 16th European Economic Congress

    The 16th European Economic Congress (EEC) in Katowice introduces a groundbreaking addition this year: the CyberMarket competition. Organized in collaboration with the National Centre for Cybersecurity Competence (NCC-PL), it aims to spotlight innovative Polish solutions in cybersecurity.

    The CyberMarket Competition:
    CyberMarket provides a platform for Polish SMEs to showcase their cybersecurity solutions, fostering networking opportunities with potential clients and investors. Finalists will present their innovations during the EEC, engaging with investors and experts.

    Competition Criteria:
    Judges will assess entries based on innovation, integration potential, implementation ease, sustainability, and security. Emphasis lies on the solution’s value proposition and alignment with market needs.

    The EEC, a premier business event in Central Europe, offers attendees insights into cutting-edge cybersecurity products and direct interaction with presenting companies. CyberMarket at the EEC promises to catalyze advancements in Polish cybersecurity, offering SMEs a chance to shine on an international stage.

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