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    Day of the Engineering Forces: Celebrating Achievements and Dedication

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    Every year, on April 16th we celebrate the Day of the Engineering Forces, which is an occasion to commemorate the achievements of the sappers on war fronts and their activities during peacetime. The Engineering Forces are extremely important for the security of the country, as they not only remove deadly remnants of war but also provide assistance during natural disasters and serve in peacekeeping and humanitarian missions.

    In the current pandemic situation, the soldiers of the Engineering Forces once again demonstrate exemplary performance. They support other services in the fight against COVID-19 and operate at the borders, ensuring the safety of our country. Their dedication and determination are worthy of recognition and respect.

    On this special day, we extend our best wishes to all soldiers and employees of the Engineering Forces. We wish them every success in their service and personal lives, and above all, good health and perseverance. We thank them for their difficult and challenging work for the security of our country and all of us. We are grateful for having such wonderful forces that take care of our safety not only during wartime but also during peacetime.

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