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    Deadly Fentanyl at Camps and Summer Colonies? Governor Alerts Children’s Vacation Organizers

    As the summer vacation season approaches, concerns are rising about the potential distribution of fentanyl among students heading to camps and holiday colonies. At a recent conference, the Mazovian Governor revealed that he had sent a letter to vacation organizers urging vigilance regarding this issue.

    Shocking videos circulating online show the devastating effects of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid and potent painkiller, on users—turning them into motionless “zombies.”

    In Poland, fentanyl has claimed four lives so far—three in Żuromin in February and one in Poznań at the end of last year. According to Radio Zet, the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate recorded 48 cases of fentanyl poisoning in Poland since the beginning of 2024.

    During Tuesday’s conference, the Mazovian Governor emphasized that while the problem appears localized, it should not be underestimated. “We must exercise utmost caution in this matter,” he said. Preventive measures in Żuromin included alerting parents and guardians to monitor their charges closely.

    “We have issued a letter to holiday camp organizers, urging them to pay special attention to this matter. Following the conclusions of ongoing investigations, we will expand these measures to cover not only the summer holidays but also the new school year,” Governor Mariusz Frankowski stressed.

    Inspector Piotr Janik, the Deputy Provincial Police Commander in Radom, stated that the police scrutinize every case that might be linked to fentanyl, addressing media reports suggesting 30 fentanyl overdose deaths in Żuromin. “We are analyzing cases spanning 11 years. Investigations are ongoing, and I cannot provide further details,” he added.

    At the end of July, police arrested two residents of Żuromin, aged 34 and 35, suspected of involvement in fentanyl trafficking.

    PiS MP Janusz Cieszyński called for urgent action to combat the use of fentanyl as an intoxicant. “If we do nothing, the streets of Polish cities could start to resemble the slums of San Francisco,” Cieszyński warned on social media. He successfully conducted a sting operation, purchasing a prescription for a “horse dose of morphine” within minutes. Former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki also sounded the alarm on this issue.

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