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    Polish Christmas Tree Traditions Through Time

    The tradition of decorating Christmas trees in Poland, borrowed from Germany, dictates that the festive embellishments begin on Christmas Eve morning, creating a cherished part of the holiday experience for every Polish household.

    From Branches to Baubles

    Before the introduction of Christmas trees, homes were adorned with evergreen branches or mistletoe. The evolution of tree decorations, captured in vintage photos, reveals a history of handmade ornaments, contrasting with today’s commercialized versions.

    Nostalgia of The Polish People’s Republic

    During the era of The Polish People’s Republic (1947-1989), Christmas tree decorations included handcrafted elements such as glass cones, toadstools, icicles, and classic baubles adorned with glitter, tinsels, and an array of festive figurines.

    Artificial Trees and Bioproducts

    Intriguingly, photos from that time also showcase artificial Christmas trees, introduced in the late 1960s as bioproducts. Advertisements promoted them as eco-friendly choices, emphasizing their contribution to preserving natural trees in forests. The disposal concerns of plastic trees were not a consideration at the time.

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