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    Defamation Case Dismissed: Justice for Border Guard Captain Michalska

    Former Border Guard Spokesperson, Captain Anna Michalska, has triumphed in her legal battle against the activist known as “Forest Man.” Accused of defaming the activist through a private prosecution, Captain Michalska was alleged to have misrepresented information regarding an immigrant who purportedly did not receive assistance from the Border Guard. The court, however, found no grounds for these accusations, concluding that no such immigrant existed.

    Court’s Ruling and Reasoning

    The court dismissed the case, stating there was no intent or action of defamation on Captain Michalska’s part. The judge highlighted that the circumstances presented by Michalska were most likely true, negating any claims of slander or defamation. Her defense attorney, Krzysztof Wąsowski, emphasized the court’s finding that no offense had been committed, leading to an immediate dismissal of the proceedings due to the lack of any unlawful act.

    Despite her legal victory, Captain Michalska has yet to receive an apology from political figures like Donald Tusk and others who had criticized her. This case has underscored the challenges faced by those defending national borders while dealing with political and public scrutiny. Captain Michalska remains a symbol of resilience and integrity amidst these adversities.

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