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    Defending Poland’s Borders: Standing Strong Behind Polish Soldiers

    TV Republika has declared unequivocal support for the defenders of Poland’s borders. Tomasz Sakiewicz, the chief of the station, announced in a recent interview with that legal office will be made available free of charge to all officers and soldiers pursued by what he described as an “illegal prosecution” for their actions in defense of the Polish-Belarusian border.

    Challenges on the Frontlines: Unraveling the Events in Dubicze Cerkiewne

    The events that unfolded in Dubicze Cerkiewne in March and April painted a stark picture of the challenges our soldiers face on the frontlines. A group of approximately 50 imposing immigrants launched a brazen attack on our border, displaying blatant aggression and disregarding warning shots fired by our valiant soldiers. When faced with a clear threat to their safety, our soldiers responded with measured force, firing warning shots into the ground.

    It is important to note the context in which these events occurred. The immigrants, with distinct Caucasian features and armed with dangerous objects, only retreated after our soldiers took necessary action to protect themselves and our border. Instead of accolades for their bravery, they were met with an investigation by the Military Gendarmerie and subsequent arrests.

    Solidarity Amidst Betrayal: Defending Polish Soldiers’ Rights

    In the face of this unjust persecution, the comrades of the arrested soldiers have rallied together, organizing fundraisers to provide them with legal representation. Their solidarity underscores the deep sense of betrayal felt by our soldiers, who believe their superiors have failed to support them in their time of need.

    Sakiewicz eloquently summed up the sentiments of many when he emphasized that a soldier defending the border should never be left vulnerable to harm due to bureaucratic hesitations or procedural inadequacies. Every soldier has the inherent right to defend their life and the sovereignty of our nation.

    “A soldier defending the border cannot be exposed to harm – just because superiors are afraid to issue warning signals or because proper procedures are lacking. A soldier must defend the border and has the right to defend their life. One of our attorneys has experience in defending political prisoners, so he will certainly handle this case perfectly,

    ” summarized Tomasz Sakiewicz, editor-in-chief and president of our station.

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