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    Defending Polish Public Media: A Call from the Polish Diaspora

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    Polonia’s patriotic and independence-minded community, including former anti-communist opposition activists and ex-NSZZ “Solidarność” members residing in the USA and Canada, unite in defense of Poland’s public media.

    Recent statements from the new Polish government hint at a perilous direction for public media. Concerns arise not merely about depoliticization but the insertion of government-affiliated individuals, reminiscent of actions post-2010 and the Smolensk Tragedy.

    A Unified Stand

    We vehemently protest against sidelining those who disregard media pluralism from shaping Poland’s public narrative. For those outside Poland, public media serves as a crucial conduit for valuable, truthful information, contributing to the development of Poland’s national narrative.

    Building a United Patriotic Front

    As the Polish diaspora, we advocate for a media landscape reflecting diverse perspectives, resisting undue political influence.

    Unified under the banner of the “Smolensk Disaster Commemoration Committee” and various Polish-American organizations, we implore the Polish government to safeguard the independence and pluralism of public.

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