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    Delving Deeper into the Trial of the “Coffin on Wheels” Lawyer

    The district court in Olsztyn has scheduled further trial dates until September in the case of Łódź lawyer Paweł K., who spoke of “coffins on wheels.” During Monday’s hearing, the court concluded the questioning of a witness who extracted data from the black box.

    The trial concerns the Łódź lawyer Paweł K., who is accused of causing a fatal accident in September 2021 on the Barczewo – Jeziorany route. Returning from a celebrity influencer’s wedding, the lawyer was driving a luxurious Mercedes that collided with an old Audi. Two women were in the Audi and died at the scene. The case gained attention after lawyer K. posted a video online stating that the women in the Audi died because they were “riding in coffins on wheels.” He advised that it would be better to gather or borrow money for a better car.

    During the trial, the Olsztyn court completed the interrogation of a witness who extracted data from the lawyer Paweł K.’s crashed car’s black box. These data are crucial because there are no eyewitnesses to the accident, and the prosecution, accusing the lawyer of crossing a double continuous line, relied on the readings from the crashed car’s black box. During the previous hearing, the court had to interrupt the witness’s interrogation because Paweł K.’s lawyers requested a change of judge. The trial was adjourned, and the lawyers’ request was not granted.

    Pawel K.’s lawyers asked the witness many detailed questions, not about the accident recorded in the black box, but about the technical aspects of extracting data from the device. After the witness’s interrogation, the court did not perform any further actions. In agreement with the prosecutor and K.’s lawyers, the judge scheduled several more trial dates, which will take place in April, May, June, and September. Present in the courtroom, lawyer Paweł K. did not speak a word today.

    “Coffin on Wheels” – that’s what he said

    According to the indictment, shortly before the accident, the lawyer crossed a double continuous line, veered onto the opposite lane, and collided with an oncoming Audi 80. Two women traveling in that car died. According to the Olsztyn Regional Prosecutor’s Office, Paweł K. deliberately violated road safety rules. In a social media video, lawyer K. stated that “it was a confrontation between a safe car and a coffin on wheels, and that’s why those women died,” among other remarks. The statement outraged the public opinion.

    The accused did not admit guilt in court. The investigation also revealed traces of cocaine in the lawyer’s body. They were too small for the prosecution to charge him with driving under the influence of drugs. When asked in a television interview about the presence of drugs in his system, Paweł K. said, “I have never knowingly consumed cocaine.” During the investigation, the prosecution seized assets belonging to the accused worth PLN 300,000.

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