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    Desperate Search for Missing Teenagers in Wrocław: Anastasiia Belinska and Aleksandra Strączek

    Wrocław is gripped by a sense of urgency as the local police launch a frantic search for two missing teenagers, 14-year-old Anastasiia Belinska and 12-year-old Aleksandra Strączek. The girls mysteriously disappeared from their whereabouts on June 24, 2023, during the late afternoon hours, and have yet to be found. Concerned authorities are urging anyone with information about their whereabouts to come forward and assist in this race against time.

    Anastasiia Belinska is approximately 162 cm tall and has a strong build. She has long dark hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing green pants and a black hoodie with a large white inscription.

    Aleksandra Strączek is around 150 cm tall and has a slim build. She has long dark hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing black socks with sandals and a black zip-up hoodie.

    The police are urging individuals who may have even the slightest inkling of information to immediately contact the duty officer at the Wrocław-Psie Pole Police Station. Whether in person or by dialing the dedicated phone numbers (+48) 47 87 146 05 or 47 87 145 25, every lead is crucial in reuniting these young girls with their worried families. The community’s assistance is vital, and the authorities assure that any tip or clue, no matter how insignificant it may seem, could hold the key to solving this distressing mystery.

    Below, we have included photographs of the missing girls.

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