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    Destabilizing Migratory Pressure: Senior Polish Security Official Issues Warning about Russia’s Hybrid Tactics

    Stanislaw Zaryn, Deputy of the Minister Coordinator of Special Services in Poland, has raised concerns about Russia’s continued efforts to destabilize the West. Zaryn took to Twitter to express his apprehensions, stating that a hybrid operation aimed at disturbing the borders of Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia with Belarus is ongoing. According to Zaryn, Russia persists in undermining Western nations through the use of artificial migratory pressure. He warned that, based on the latest data, these destabilizing efforts are highly likely to intensify in the near future.

    Zaryn’s tweet included a stark ‘#infoalert’ warning, indicating that Russia is persisting in its operation to destabilize the West by manipulating migratory flows. He also pointed out the surge in online content promoting migration, particularly advertisements encouraging individuals from Arab states to travel to Europe. Many of these materials actively endorse traveling via or through Russia, exacerbating the migratory challenges faced by Western nations.

    Highlighting the orchestrated nature of this hybrid operation, Zaryn emphasized that various entities, including tourist offices, state-controlled airlines, carriers, and governmental institutions from Russia and Belarus, have been involved in these actions against Central and Eastern Europe (#CEE).

    Poland’s Border Guard reported a concerning incident, revealing that 77 individuals attempted illegal entry via the Polish-Belarusian border within the past 24 hours. Among these migrants were individuals from Morocco, South Africa, and Iran. Fortunately, upon encountering Polish border patrols, 39 migrants chose to return to Belarus, preventing a potentially volatile situation from escalating further.

    Poland has been grappling with heightened migratory pressure at its border with Belarus since 2021. The Polish government has consistently attributed this surge to a deliberate tactic orchestrated by Minsk. However, the situation remains fluid, with ongoing concerns about Russia’s involvement in exacerbating migratory challenges, raising significant alarms within the European community.


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