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    Dirt that Sullied the Uniform Again: Tomasz Sakiewicz on the Media Lynching of Lieutenant Michalska

    The new power has brought a lot of villainy and injustice. The catalog of evil done to people, often under the influence of satisfying the lowest instincts, is growing day by day. Everyone involved in the forced feeding of Mariusz Kamiński, recognized by international law as torture, will sooner or later bear responsibility. If they are counting on impunity, they will soon be disillusioned. The Hague awaits them.

    However, another story has shaken me. The public lynching of the border guard spokeswoman, Lieutenant Anna Michalska. She was the face of all those brave officers who, risking their health and live, defended our border against the hybrid attack of Lukashenko and Putin. Her calm, dignified statements were an important element in stopping this gigantic provocation intended to destabilize the hinterland of the future front of the war in Ukraine.

    Not only did Michalska have to dismantle the propaganda of Minsk and Moscow trying to present Polish officers and soldiers as murderers but also repelled massive attacks from useful idiots of the then-opposition and media associated with them.

    Life has verified who was right, and the then-opposition, today’s ruling camp, instead of apologizing for absurd lies and harming Poland under Putin’s dictate, decided to take revenge on Lieutenant Michalska. It’s somewhat understandable that the new power wants to place someone of their own in her position.

    If they had a bit of class, they should have offered her to continue in her role, in recognition of her merits and the merits of thousands of officers. But no one expects class here.

    However, Lieutenant Michalska faced something worse.

    The media lynching organized against the brave woman at a time when she cannot defend herself shows what category of people we are dealing with. Calling the border guard spokeswoman “the face of the crisis” at the border is an audacity and stupidity we haven’t seen since the times of Gomułka’s lackeys.

    The state and nation must protect their officers and soldiers when they defend our borders. If someone does not understand this, they become dangerous to the community they live in.

    Lieutenant Michalska did not receive thanks, medals, or promotions. However, she must know that she and her colleagues have our gratitude, stored in the hearts of millions of people.

    Traitors and scum will not change that.

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