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    Discover Family Adventures with Koleje Śląskie This Summer

    Koleje Śląskie is making family vacations more affordable and enjoyable with their special “Summer with Family” offer. Parents or guardians traveling with a child can purchase a single ticket for just 10 złotych, valid on almost all Koleje Śląskie routes. This initiative aims to encourage more families to explore the beautiful Śląsk region by train, providing a cost-effective travel solution for summer adventures.

    Additional Summer Connections

    To further enhance the summer travel experience, Koleje Śląskie has introduced additional train connections. These new routes are designed to accommodate the increased demand during the holiday season, making it easier for travelers to reach popular destinations across the region. The expanded schedule ensures that passengers have more flexibility and convenience when planning their trips.

    The summer promotion is part of a broader strategy to boost ridership on Koleje Śląskie trains. The company’s efforts are yielding positive results, with 22 million passengers using their services last year. The current year’s statistics indicate an even more impressive performance, suggesting that the promotional activities are successfully attracting more customers.

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