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    Discover Muszyna: Małopolska’s Charming Spa Town

    Muszyna, a small town in the Małopolska region of Poland, has become a tourist hotspot in recent years. With a population of just over 4,500 in 2022, this charming spa town now attracts visitors from near and far, including a significant number from Slovakia. The key to Muszyna’s success lies in its numerous recent investments.

    Muszyna boasts a variety of tourist attractions. These include a recently restored castle, extensive thematic gardens—the largest biblical garden in Poland and sensory gardens—and mineral water drinking halls. Visitors can also enjoy sanatoriums, parks, pools, pontoon and kayak trips, the largest SankoLandia in Europe, light gardens, and an ice rink. One of the major draws is the Zapopradzie area, offering picturesque gardens and a viewing tower with stunning views of Muszyna and the scenic Poprad River meanders.

    In May, Mayor Jan Golba reported that preliminary estimates indicated 20-25% of tourists during the long weekend were from Slovakia. The town’s blend of natural beauty and well-developed tourist infrastructure continues to attract an increasing number of visitors each year.

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