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    Discover the Self-Pick Haskap Berry Plantations Across Poland

    The haskap berry, known as the “fruit of eternal youth,” is inviting enthusiasts to participate in self-picking events on 19 plantations across eight provinces in Poland. These events, held on weekends throughout June, offer a unique chance to gather this superfruit, celebrated for its distinct taste and numerous health benefits.

    Dubbed the “new blueberry,” the haskap berry has surged in popularity, earning nicknames like the “fruit Viagra” due to its unique shape and flavor. Its taste, a blend of raspberry, blackberry, currant, and blueberry, makes it a versatile ingredient in culinary applications such as juices, jams, ice creams, and wines. The balance between tartness and sweetness enhances its appeal in both fresh and processed forms.

    Self-picking is a beloved tradition in Poland, allowing participants to eat what they pick and purchase the fruits they wish to take home, often for freezing. Plantations also offer a variety of haskap berry products, including juices, jams, and ice creams. Visitors can enjoy cakes and cocktails featuring the berry, making for a delightful culinary experience.

    Research by Kantar Polska reveals that 76% of Poles are eager to engage in self-picking activities, with approximately 2.9 million interested in visiting haskap berry plantations. Anna Litwin, a haskap berry grower, emphasizes the educational value of these outings, noting that it’s crucial for children to learn that fruits come from plantations, not just supermarkets.

    Haskap berries are rich in antioxidants, including iridoids that slow aging processes, and possess strong anti-inflammatory, anticancer, neuroprotective, and cardioprotective properties. Studies highlight their benefits for athletes, particularly in improving vascular functions and muscle perfusion. These berries join a diverse array of healthful Polish-grown berries, contributing significantly to the nation’s agricultural heritage.

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