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    Discoveries during Warsaw Metro M2 Construction: Horse Bones and Historical Artifacts

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    In Warsaw, construction workers on the final stretch of the M2 metro line Karolin unearthed a surprising find: bones believed to be those of horses, possibly dating back several hundred years. Archaeologists promptly conducted initial examinations without halting construction, ensuring no delays in the project. The discovery has been transported to the State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw for in-depth analysis.

    Preliminary findings suggest these bones belonged to horses used for either transportation or military purposes between 150 to 500 years ago. Experts, utilizing archaeozoological assessments, aim to determine the animals’ size and possibly identify their breed.

    This isn’t the first time animal remains have been discovered during metro construction. Previous findings include a prehistoric forest elephant at Płocka station and a pristine aurochs skull at Bródno station, showcasing the rich history beneath Warsaw’s surface.

    The construction of the M2 line, launched in 2018, operates on a “Design and Build” basis, with an expected completion date in October 2025.

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