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    Distinguished Recognition for Overseas Club Members: ‘Gazeta Polska’ Representatives Honored by the Polish Government

    In a heartfelt acknowledgment of their contributions to the Polish diaspora, activists from the “Gazeta Polska” clubs in the United States have been honored by the Polish government with the Badge of Merit for Polonia and Poles Abroad. The recipients of this prestigious award are Maciej Rusiński and Tadeusz Antoniak. The award ceremony took place during the 10th Congress of “Gazeta Polska” Clubs in the USA and Canada.

    Jan Dziedziczak, the Government Plenipotentiary for Polonia and Poles, bestowed the Badge of Merit for Polonia and Poles Abroad upon Maciej Rusiński, the coordinator of “Gazeta Polska” Clubs in the USA and Canada, Tadeusz Antoniak, coordinator of “Gazeta Polska” Clubs in the USA, and Dr. Teofil Lachowicz from the Association of Veterans of the Polish Army in America.

    The Badge of Merit for Polonia and Poles Abroad was established in 2023 at the initiative of Jan Dziedziczak.

    “The establishment of the badge is a tribute to the over 20 million Poles and individuals of Polish descent living outside of Poland. These individuals, often forced into emigration against their will or residing in another country due to border changes beyond their control, have consistently been engaged in preserving Polish identity worldwide. They do so by strengthening Polish national identity and knowledge of Poland among Polonia and Poles abroad, teaching the Polish language to Polonian children and youth, supporting Polonian communities in spreading knowledge, and safeguarding the good reputation of the Republic of Poland,” explained the official government portal,

    The badge recognizes the activism of those involved in building a pro-Polish lobby abroad, protecting and promoting Polish cultural heritage (both material and immaterial), and reinforcing the bonds between the Polonian and Polish communities residing abroad with the homeland.

    “Supporting these endeavors has never before been honored as a value in itself. The establishment of the Badge fills this gap,” emphasized the portal, shedding light on the significance of this recognition for the tireless efforts of these overseas activists in fostering and maintaining connections with Poland.

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