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    Dominik Ośliźniok from Poland Among the Graduates of the US Air Force Academy

    On June 2nd, Marek Wałkuski – White House Correspondent for Polish Radio – tweeted that two Poles had graduated from the US Air Force Academy.

    “Polish highlight at the diploma award ceremony at the United States Air Force Academy. Among over 900 graduates who received congratulations from President Joe Biden were two Poles: Dominik Ośliźniok and Jakub Miszczak,” wrote Marek Wałkuski on Twitter.

    It turns out that one of them is Dominik Ośliźniok, a resident of Ruda Śląska. The young resident of Ruda Śląska is now returning to Poland to continue his studies at the Air Force Academy in Dęblin.

    The achievement of Dominik Ośliźniok, who has successfully completed his training at the prestigious US Air Force Academy, is a testament to the talent and dedication of Polish youth. The academy is renowned for its rigorous academic curriculum, physical training, and leadership development programs.

    With over 900 graduates receiving their diplomas, the ceremony held at the US Air Force Academy was a momentous occasion. President Joe Biden personally congratulated Dominik Ośliźniok and Jakub Miszczak, recognizing their outstanding achievements and contributions.

    Attending the academy is not only a significant accomplishment for these young individuals, but it also signifies the strengthening of Polish-American relations and collaboration in the field of defense and military education. The presence of Polish graduates among their American counterparts symbolizes the shared commitment to global security and cooperation.

    The Talented Resident of Ruda Śląska

    Dominik Ośliźniok’s journey does not end with his graduation from the US Air Force Academy. He will now embark on a new chapter of his education at the Lotnicza Akademia Wojskowa (Air Force Academy) in Dęblin, Poland. By continuing his studies at the prestigious institution, Dominik will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and experiences gained in the United States to further enhance his skills in the field of aviation and military affairs.

    The story of Dominik Ośliźniok serves as an inspiration to young people across Poland, showcasing the possibilities that lie ahead when talent, determination, and opportunity intersect. It highlights the importance of investing in education and creating avenues for Polish students to excel on an international stage.

    As Dominik Ośliźniok returns to his homeland, we extend our congratulations and best wishes for his future endeavors. May his achievements serve as a catalyst for the development and progress of the Polish defense industry, ultimately contributing to a stronger and safer Poland.

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