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    “Don’t Abandon, I Have Feelings Too!” Campaign Launched by Polish Animal Welfare Society

    Every summer, the number of abandoned pets increases by 30%. These animals have a chance of survival and finding new homes only if they reach shelters. However, many responsible authorities fail to respond to reports of stray animals despite their legal obligation.

    The Polish Animal Welfare Society (TOZ) launched the 2024 edition of its “Don’t Abandon, I Have Feelings Too!” campaign, which began in 2005. This year, singer Iga Jaworska promotes the campaign with a song, emphasizing empathy and action towards stray animals.

    Emotional Impact

    Agnieszka Janiszewska from N-TEQ emphasized the need for unique communication to connect emotionally with people. The song and video depict a pet’s abandonment story, aiming to raise awareness and prompt action.

    TOZ’s managing director, Michał Dąbrowski, stressed that vacations do not excuse neglecting pets. The campaign also seeks to mobilize bystanders to take action and support shelter animals.

    Abandoning pets is a crime punishable by up to five years in prison. TOZ inspector Hubert Kaczmarek urged immediate reporting of stray animals to local police or via email, as mandated by animal protection laws.

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