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    DRAGO entertainment: Polish Gaming Pioneer Makes Landmark Debut on Warsaw Stock Exchange

    Krakow-based gaming powerhouse DRAGO entertainment has marked its 25th anniversary with a momentous debut on the Main Market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Previously listed on the alternative NewConnect market, the company’s shares surged in value within the first few hours of trading, reaching 58.80 Polish zlotys—a notable 3.65% increase compared to the opening price.

    Pioneering the Rise of the Polish Gaming Industry

    The success of DRAGO entertainment symbolizes the remarkable growth potential of the Polish gaming industry, which is intrinsically tied to Poland’s economic transformation. A sector that was virtually non-existent just a few decades ago has now become a global success story, with Polish game developers emerging as pioneers of innovative business ventures worldwide. DRAGO entertainment is the latest addition to the prestigious Main Market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and it’s already making waves.

    Joanna Tynor, CEO of DRAGO entertainment, expressed her pride in the company’s achievements, stating, “For a quarter of a century, we have been not only witnesses but also co-creators of the tremendous success of Polish gaming. Debuting on the Main Market of the GPW is the crowning achievement of our long-standing efforts and endeavours.”

    In its early years, the Krakow-based company focused on producing games commissioned by external entities, with notable works like “Otherland,” an RPG game inspired by Tad Williams’ novel series.

    DRAGO’s Bold Leap into Original Titles and Global Gaming Triumph

    However, in 2018, DRAGO entertainment took a bold step by deciding to create its own original titles. The results have been impressive, with three titles released thus far: “Treasure Hunter Simulator,” “Food Truck Simulator,” and the resounding success of “Gas Station Simulator.” The latter became a gaming sensation, with Joanna Tynor revealing that the production costs were recouped within a mere 90 minutes, and over one million copies were sold in just 14 months.

    Monika Gorgoń, a member of the management board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, emphasized the company’s growth trajectory: “For over two years, since April 2021, the company matured on our alternative NewConnect market, building its recognition and gaining the trust of investors. Today, DRAGO entertainment joins the ever-growing community of innovative gaming companies achieving global success through activities on the Main Market.”

    DRAGO Entertainment’s Flourishing Finances and Ongoing Innovation

    At the close of 2022, the company boasted an impressive financial statement, with over 5 million Polish zlotys on its balance sheet—a threefold increase from just two years prior. This robust financial position indicates the company’s readiness to embark on future projects. Their next venture, “Winter Survival,” is slated for release early next year. Additionally, DRAGO entertainment has “Red Frost,” a suspended title, and has commissioned the development of “Airport Contraband” to Titanite Games S.A., based in Krakow.

    Lucjan Mikociak, Vice President of DRAGO entertainment, underlined the company’s commitment to innovation: “We don’t rest on our laurels, and in the coming months, we are preparing a series of exciting proposals for our fans. We are also working on additional add-ons and extensions to our iconic titles. This is possible thanks to our excellent team of passionate and dedicated individuals, many of whom have been with the company from its very beginning.”

    Symbolic Gesture Seals DRAGO’s Market Debut and Promising Future

    The landmark event concluded with Monika Gorgoń presenting representatives of DRAGO entertainment with a GPW diploma and a bull figurine, symbolizing the stock market’s optimistic outlook. The debut on the Main Market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange marks a significant milestone for DRAGO entertainment and exemplifies the company’s promising trajectory in the thriving Polish gaming industry.

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