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    Education minister condemns demands to remove religion from schools

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    Poland’s education minister has criticised the idea of scrapping religion classes in schools, claiming it is part of a wider plan to de-Christianise the Western world.

    Talking to Polish Radio on Sunday night, Przemyslaw Czarnek said that the postulates of throwing religion out of schools are actions aimed at depriving Christians and Catholics of their rights.

    “They are part of a programme of de-Christianisation … consistently implemented for several decades… by the left and the leftist world in Europe and the Western world in general, because we are also talking about the United States and Canada,”

    he said.

    “This de-Christianisation,” Czarnek continued, “is progressing at a terrifying pace in Western Europe.”

    These actions, he argued, “have a terrible toll”.

    “There are already huge areas in France or Spain where there are no Christians at all,” Czarnek said.

    “There are four countries in the world where there are more non-believers than believers and three of these countries are in Europe – the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Great Britain… and there will be more of these countries because the space of de-Christianisation is growing,”

    he added.

    The vacuum created will be filled, for some time, Czarnek continued, “by other civilizations, no longer Latin, no longer Christian, only those that are hostile to Christianity and the free world.”

    In mid-December, during the congress of the Left and Together parties, a joint Ideological Declaration and a plan for the next election year were adopted. The co-chairman of the Left, Wlodzimierz Czarzasty, announced that the grouping would seek to terminate the concordat and remove religion from schools.


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