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    Education Sector Milestone: Landmark Decision on Teacher Pay Raises

    The Ministry of National Education (MEN) revealed a landmark decision on Tuesday regarding pay raises for teachers. Signed by the heads of the education and family, labour, and social policy ministries, this regulation represents a significant milestone for the education sector. 

    The regulation ushers in a substantial increase in teachers’ basic salaries, elevating them from a gross 1167 PLN to a gross 1365 PLN. However, the extent of these raises will vary based on factors such as the teacher’s promotion level and ranking group, with the augmented salaries anticipated to be retroactively deposited into teachers’ accounts from January 1st.

    This decision aligns with government pledges made during the campaign period, including a projected surge of 1500 PLN in the average salary resulting from the Teacher’s Charter. This increment, ranging between 30 to 33 percent, is contingent on the teacher’s promotion level and ranking group. 

    Despite the anticipation surrounding these raises and their retroactive nature, a slight delay in the timeline is noted. While effective from January 1st, 2024, teachers may have to wait until April 1st for the enhanced salaries to reflect in their accounts. 

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