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    Eighth Grade Exam 2024 Takes Off

    Amidst the aftermath of the commencement of the 2024 maturity exams on May 7th, Poland’s educational landscape braces for another surge of assessments. From the week starting May 13th, students across the country gear up for a series of demanding evaluations, including advanced-level tests and the inaugural oral examinations. Adding to this academic fervour are the graduates of primary schools, as May 14th signals the initiation of the Eighth Grade Exam 2024, a milestone event in Polish education.

    With the official launch of the Eighth Grade Exam 2024, students embark on the first leg of their assessment journey with the Polish language test. Armed with a generous allocation of 120 minutes, they delve into the intricacies of the language, navigating through its challenges with determination and focus.

    This year marks the sixth iteration of the Eighth Grade Exam since its inception in 2019. Introduced as part of a sweeping educational reform, which bid farewell to middle schools while reinstating the traditional eight-year primary school cycle, the exam has emerged as a pivotal landmark in the academic trajectory of Polish students.

    Covering a spectrum of subjects including Polish language, mathematics, and a modern foreign language, the Eighth Grade Exam encapsulates the core knowledge and skills outlined in the examination requirements. 

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