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    Elderly Woman’s Body Found in Her Home in Hyżne – Unofficial Reports

    Today, the lifeless body of an elderly woman was discovered in her home in Hyżne, located in the Rzeszów district, according to unofficial information obtained by the Polish Press Agency (PAP). A family member made the gruesome discovery. The Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that police and prosecutors are currently conducting investigations at the scene.

    As unofficially learned by PAP, the murder likely occurred during the night. The body of the elderly woman was found in her home in Hyżne by a family member. Krzysztof Ciechanowski, the spokesperson for the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszów, confirmed the discovery of the deceased elderly resident of Hyżne. He added that police officers and prosecutors are present at the scene, conducting inquiries, and cannot provide further information at this time.

    Unofficially, PAP has learned that the elderly woman’s home was likely burglarized, as evidenced by the significant disorder present at the time of the body’s discovery.

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