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    ElectroMobility Poland’s Project Izera: Progress and Plans

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    ElectroMobility Poland (EMP) announced that Project Izera, their ambitious electric vehicle initiative, is now 39% complete. EMP’s CEO, Piotr Zaremba, highlighted the recent achievements and outlined future plans during a summary event in Katowice.

    Factory in Jaworzno Anticipated Within Three Years

    Zaremba hinted at the possibility of a factory in Jaworzno operational within three years, with the potential to roll out Izera vehicles. The past year saw significant collaboration with international partners, including Geely and Pininfarina, showcasing a robust commitment to the project.

    Key milestones, such as land acquisition and design confirmation, mark the latest accomplishments. Environmental decisions and construction permits are expected in the coming months, paving the way for factory construction in early 2024. The SUV’s design was finalized in November, and the production process is set to begin in late 2025.

    Innovative Sales Model and Market Expansion

    EMP plans to revolutionize the sales approach, employing a hybrid model with limited traditional dealerships. “Concept stores” and “pop-up stores” will supplement online and phone sales. The innovative sales strategy will first be implemented in Poland and then replicated across major European markets.

    With nearly 100 IT systems in development, EMP aims to be production-ready by the end of 2025. Over 50% of required components have been identified, and collaborations with Geely ensure a streamlined supply chain.

    Financial Challenges and Funding Prospects

    The project has incurred costs of 277 million PLN, with technical and project-related activities absorbing 78%. Zaremba acknowledged the 39% completion as a significant achievement but recognized the financial and scheduling challenges ahead. Funding from the National Reconstruction Plan and commercial sources is being considered.

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