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    Electronic Barrier Under Construction on Belarus Border

    Poland strengthens its Belarus border with electronic barrier amidst migration crisis. Increased surveillance tackles illegal crossings.

    Amidst the ongoing migration crisis triggered by Alexander Lukashenko’s regime, Poland initiates the construction of an electronic barrier along the Swislocz and Istoczanka rivers in the Podlaskie Voivodeship.

    Strengthening Border Security

    In response to the Belarusian regime’s actions and Kremlin’s hybrid warfare tactics, Poland has commenced the construction of an electronic barrier along its border with Belarus.

    Technological Surveillance

    The barrier will span 47 kilometers and comprise approximately 1800 poles equipped with 4500 day-night cameras, thermal imaging cameras, and specialized sensors, facilitating enhanced surveillance of illegal migration activities.

    Border Security Challenges

    Polish Border Guard reported 604 attempted illegal border crossings within two days, resulting in confrontations where migrants attacked officers with branches and stones. Six individuals were arrested for aiding illegal crossings, while three migrants received assistance.

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