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    Elsevier: Polish Universities Shine in Research Impact Leaders Awards 2023

    Poland’s leading academic institutions have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to scientific research in the 2023 Research Impact Leaders Awards, as announced by Elsevier. These awards acknowledge the significant impact of research conducted by universities in various fields.

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    Gdańsk University of Technology: Driving Innovations in Engineering and Technology

    Gdańsk University of Technology has been honored for its pioneering work in engineering and technology, demonstrating a substantial increase in publications, citations, international collaboration, and top-tier journal contributions.

    Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń: Excelling in the Humanities

    Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń has been recognized for its remarkable contributions to the humanities, showcasing a substantial growth in research output and citations.

    Wrocław Medical University: Advancing Medicine and Health Sciences

    Wrocław Medical University has been lauded for its outstanding contributions to medical research and the health sciences, emphasizing excellence in research and international collaborations.

    Krakow University of Agriculture: Pioneering Agricultural Sciences

    The University of Agriculture in Krakow has excelled in the field of agricultural sciences, demonstrating impressive research growth and significant global recognition.

    SWPS University: Leading the Way in Social Sciences

    SWPS University has been acknowledged for its exceptional work in the social sciences, emphasizing a substantial rise in research publications and international cooperation.

    University of Warsaw: Excellence in Natural Sciences

    The University of Warsaw has been celebrated for its remarkable contributions to the natural sciences, highlighting its strong presence in top-tier journals and global recognition.

    The Research Impact Leaders Awards honor these institutions for their high-quality research and internationalization efforts, ultimately increasing the visibility of Polish academia on the global stage. These achievements are based on a meticulous evaluation of research output, citations, international collaboration, and publications in top-tier journals. Congratulations to all the winners for their dedication to advancing knowledge and making a global impact.

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