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    Embracing Cracow’s Marathon Spirit in 2024

    Cracow, known for its rich historical tapestry, is set to host the 21st edition of the Cracow Marathon on April 14th. With over 7,500 participants from more than 50 countries, the event promises a journey through the city’s iconic landmarks.

    A Scenic Route Amidst Historical Splendor

    The marathon route, commencing at the Main Square at 9:00 AM, winds through the heart of Cracow, showcasing its architectural wonders including Wawel Castle and the ICE Congress Centre. Runners will traverse the modernity of ICE Kraków and the industrial heritage of the Tauron Arena Plac Centralny.

    The marathon’s accompanying events on April 13th will see road closures and diversions affecting major thoroughfares such as Rynek Główny and ul. Grodzka. On race day, April 14th, traffic disruptions will extend to areas like Plac Wszystkich Świętych and al. 3 maja.

    Adapting Public Transit

    In response to the marathon, Krakow’s public transportation system will undergo alterations, with tram and bus routes being adjusted to accommodate the event’s logistics. These changes aim to ensure smooth operations while facilitating the influx of participants and spectators.

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