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    Empowered Polish Women in Business

    In Poland, women entrepreneurs are thriving, with 8% leading their own businesses, ranking second in Europe. According to the latest EFL report, “Women in SMEs: Under the Microscope,” Polish women are driven by opportunities, with 47% seizing advantageous prospects. Interestingly, 43% of female entrepreneurs pursued their dreams, while 50% of men started businesses for the same reason.

    The study also highlights gender-based differences in perceived business competencies. Women, more than men, view themselves as creative (23% vs. 15%), hardworking (7% vs. 4%), and multitasking (5% vs. 2%). Gender plays a role in shaping entrepreneurial motivations and self-perceptions.

    Polish businesswomen attribute their success to seizing opportunities and realizing personal dreams. This reveals a dynamic landscape where women not only break traditional barriers but also excel in diverse competencies. As Poland continues to foster a supportive environment for women in business, these findings celebrate the achievements of female entrepreneurs and pave the way for greater gender diversity in the entrepreneurial realm.

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