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    ESA and Polish Space Agency Celebrate 30 Years of GSTP Technological Support Program

    European Space Agency (ESA) and the Polish Space Agency are jointly organizing the “GSTP 30 years Anniversary” event on September 26-27 in Tricity, Poland. The event commemorates the 30th anniversary of ESA’s General Support Technology Programme (GSTP).

    A Look Back and Ahead
    The conference, hosted at Sheraton Sopot Hotel, will feature two days of presentations, lectures, and discussions on GSTP’s legacy and future prospects. Attendees will explore the rich history of GSTP, engage with a space technology exhibition by 18 European firms (including 8 from Poland), and partake in presentations focused on robotics, power systems, space safety, and materials.

    Diverse Attendees
    The conference will attract participants from across the European space industry, including major players and SMEs, research institutes, administrators, ESA experts, and technical directors. With an estimated attendance of over 150, the event promises diverse insights.

    From Inception to Impact
    Launched in 1993, GSTP aimed to evaluate innovative Earth technologies for space use. Over 30 years, it fostered collaboration between industry, academia, and member states. Benefiting Polish entities have actively engaged since Poland joined ESA in 2012, with 43 activities between 2011-2021.

    Budget and Benefits
    GSTP’s significance is reflected in ESA’s budget; approximately €167 million is allocated in 2023. Notably, each euro invested in GSTP yields a return of €3.5, amplifying European investments.

    Program Focus and Goals
    With a focus on Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 3 to 7, GSTP’s goals encompass enabling missions, fostering innovation, bolstering competitiveness, enhancing European technological independence, and incorporating non-space entities.

    Three Key Elements
    The program comprises three main components: Develop, Make, and Fly. Develop nurtures low-TRL technologies, Make supports commercialization, and Fly enables orbital technology demonstrations.

    Milestones and Future Missions
    GSTP has already overseen missions like Proba 1, Sloshsat, GOMX series, and more. Upcoming missions include GOMX-5, PROBA 3, Pretty, and M-ARGO.

    “GSTP 30 years Anniversary” underscores the pivotal role of ESA’s General Support Technology Programme in advancing space technology and collaboration over three decades.

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