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    EU car emissions norms questioned by Poland and other nations

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    Seven EU member states, including Poland, are convening to debate potential alterations to the Euro 7 vehicle emissions standard, according to the Polish infrastructure ministry.

    On Monday, transport ministers from the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, and Poland will gather in Strasbourg, and those from Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia will join the meeting virtually. At the summit, they plan to lessen the European Union’s proposed Euro 7 emissions standard, which will limit newly-manufactured cars to discharging no more than 60 milligrams of nitrogen oxides.

    “The Polish stance is the same as at the informal summit of the EU Council in Stockholm and it is very clear: the meeting of climate goals in transport must take into account the capabilities of individual economies,” Andrzej Adamczyk, the Polish infrastructure minister, was quoted as saying in his ministry’s press release on Monday.

    Adamczyk cautioned that setting overly ambitious climate targets by the EU may result in increased transport exclusion.

    The Infrastructure Ministry of the Czech Republic has started discussions regarding car transport emissions and has proposed “making sure that our views on the most crucial matters are in agreement.”


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